WOWOW Toilet Paper Holder With Cell Phone Shelf


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  • Stainless steel toilet paper holder modern & stylish design: Brushed nickel completed, matches virtually decor design, provides the ideal way to Anti-fingerprint contemporary design.
  • Adds great beauty and reduces bothersome cleaning. Indentation layout on the top shelf helps keep things from slipping off.

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portable toilet tissue holder 4010301 features:

1. Made from thick 304 stainless steel with mirror polishing procedure, is glowing and glowing Clean the glue surface. The substrate ought to be dry, free of dust, wax and grease. Mark the desired place to your item on the bonding surface prior to installation. Lubricate the glue on the back of the Item. Remove the protective picture of this decal from the item. Stick the item on the paste surface and then press down it for approx. 3-5 minutes. Stick the secondary glue on the item. Don’t move the item after installation. Before usage, wait at least 48 hours (rather 3-5 times ) for the glue to dry thoroughly.

1. Not appropriate to painted walls, chalky walls, background or other soft surfaces.

2. If you’re unsure whether our product is acceptable for your surface, or in case you’ve got additional questions, please contact our client services.

3. The adhesive can easily be scraped with a knife when it’s dry. Please wait for this until dismantling before the adhesive dries as it overflows.

4. The drying period is prolonged while the humidity in the room is large. Please wait for 48 hours or more before use.

5. Both sides may be installed publicly

– Size: 18cm * 19cm * 12cm

– Weight: 680g

– laden capacity: 9kg

– Material: Stainless Steel

– Surface: brushed nickel

– Mounting methods: self-closing, wall mounting


Toilet paper holder with shelf

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