WOWOW 4 Inch Centerset Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet In Chrome


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  • EASY TO INSTALLATION WITH 3 HOLE 4 INCH CENTERSET: Single handle bathroom faucets fit standard 4-inch installation. Classic faucet comes with lift rod and pop up stopper;
  • Bathroom faucet single: Zinc alloy/ Stainless steel; Surface: Elegant and chrome finish is perfect for decorating your bathroom.
  • CENTERSET BAHTROOM FAUCET IS EASY TO CONTROL WATER: Fast, tool free installation lavatory faucet, 1.2 inch maximum mounting depth. Single handle bathroom faucet, the handle is very easy to move back-and-forth up-and-down. volume and water temperature.
  • BASIN FAUCET WITH POP UP DRAIN: The bathroom faucet chrome comes with metal drain assembly. Water come out of faucet sink through pressing down the lift rod, avoiding mucking up your washed hands. Supply Lines Sold Separately
  • SINK FAUCET CHROME: Basin faucet chrome has fashion classic retro design. Deck mounted bathroom faucet single handle fits for rent house, new condo, single-apartment, motor home, travel trailer and family use.

2320700C installation instructions 

WOWOW 4 Inch Centerset Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet In Chrome

WOWOW 4 Inch Centerset Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet In Chrome

Chrome bathroom faucet  2320700C

The well-made chrome bathroom faucet of WOWOW offers a shiny appearance to your bathroom. This chrome bathroom sink faucet has a fashionable classic retro design. It will give a dramatic impact to your bathroom décor, in whatever type of residence you are staying. This chrome bathroom faucet can be either installed in a rental house, new condo, a single-apartment, motor home, bungalow, travel trailer, or mansion. The deck-mounted chrome bathroom faucet features a mirror-like chrome finish that gives a glance to almost any bathroom. The chrome finish is highly reflective to provide you with a shiny look that combines well with almost any bathroom style. With its flowing curves it adds a classic and yet contemporary touch to your bathroom.

The single handle chrome bathroom faucet offers an easy way to move the handle back-and-forth and up-and-down smoothly. In this way you can control the water volume and temperature easily with just one hand. It makes it that easy to minimally adjust the water flow right according to your specific needs. You will be surprised with the easiness the water flow can be controlled.

High-quality materials chrome bathroom faucet

The chrome bathroom faucet of WOWOW was produced of zinc alloy, and finished with hand polished and textured chrome. WOWOW uses state-of-the-art-technology to guarantee both timeless beauty and eternal durability. The ceramic valve for instance provides a drip-free performance to turn smoothly. The high quality ceramic cartridge on the other hand has passed a test with over 500,000 water cycles. And still the chrome bathroom faucet was performing optimally after all these tests. WOWOW consequently exceeds all industry longevity standards in terms of durability.

Besides durability, it is also good to know to have clean and pure water at all times. Because of the massive metals that are used, you will experience lead-free water at all times. This will protect the health of you and your family forever. An upgrade to the chrome bathroom faucet of WOWOW therefore will not only be a fantastic feature for your bathroom, it will be a healthy choice as well!

Centerset chrome bathroom faucet 

The centerset chrome bathroom faucet can be easily installed by yourself. This deck mounted chrome bathroom faucet is ready for a 4 inch 3-holes centerset installation. The distance between the faucet and the handles is 4 inch. With all accessories and assembly components this chrome bathroom faucets comes ready for do-it-yourself installation. This DIY-installation will save you additional costs of an expensive plumber. And it is not necessary at all. Its innovative design makes it possible for a novice to install this chrome bathroom faucet in just 20 minutes. The installation kit even comes with complimentary installation gloves. In this way you will not damage your hands accidently when you install the chrome bathroom faucet. Please be aware that the supply lines are not included if you need them, and they are sold separately.

The spout height of WOWOW’s chrome bathroom faucet is 2.7 inches and the reach of the spout is 4.2 inches. The single handle bathroom faucets fits a standard 4-inch installation. Besides, the classic chrome bathroom faucet comes with a pop up stopper including an integrated lift rod. The chrome bathroom faucet combines well with the chrome drain assembly. It forms one harmonious unity in your bathroom sink. You can easily let water run out of the bathroom sink by pressing down the lift rod. The easiness of handling the lift rod, avoids you from hurting your hands while you are washing them. The pull rod design was designed to make your life more hygienic and convenient.

Economic chrome bathroom faucet

The innovative ABS aerator saves over 50% of water. It controls the water stream by providing counter-pressure to the water stream. This leads to an anti-splatter water stream, and saves you dramatically on your water bill. Depending on your location, your water bill could easily add up. Therefore it is good to know that you could save on water expenses, without even losing performance. You will hardly notice a difference as your water experience will even improve because of the anti-splatter feature.

The high performance Neoperl aerator provides you with a comfortable washing experience. With a gentle touch with your fingers, you can easily remove all hard water residue like calcium. In this way you can keep your chrome bathroom faucet as new and performing optimally. The aerator of the chrome bathroom faucet can also be easily removed with your hands. You don’t even need any tool to remove the aerator as you can simply unscrew this innovative feature. You can remove the aerator either to clean or replace it.

Risk-free chrome bathroom faucet 

With its 3-year warranty period, WOWOW shows its confidence in its chrome bathroom faucet. With this high-quality chrome bathroom faucet you have the best value for money you can get in the market. The high-quality materials are unchallenged, and in terms of money invested the price is as low as it can get. Consequently, WOWOW guarantees that you will not find a better quality bathroom faucet for the same price. Neither will you find this kind of quality bathroom faucet for a lower price. Because of the high quality, WOWOW is not afraid to offer you a 3-year warranty period. Your chrome bathroom faucet will be replaced immediately by a brand new one if it would get damaged for some reason.
You can buy WOWOW’s chrome bathroom faucet at no risk at all. You get a complimentary 90-day money back guarantee. If you would not happen to be 100% satisfied with your new bathroom faucet of WOWOW, you will get a full refund. Without questions asked, just like that. But we are confident you will not return your faucet, as we have numerous satisfied and returning customers from all over the world. We are sure you will be convinced of the value for money we are offering you.
The advantages of the chrome bathroom faucet in a nutshell:
• Gives a wow-factor to any bathroom
• Shiny chrome design
• Smoothly operated
• With innovative pull rod drain stopper
• Made of high quality zinc alloy materials
• Easy to clean and easy to maintain
• 5-year warranty



Item Weight

2.68 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.3 x 6 x 6.7 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





Zinc alloy / Brass / Stainless steel


3 hole 4 inch centerset design

Special Features

NSF ceramic disc valve, mix water, 3-hole 4 in. centerset design, easy to install, 1 handle control hot and cold water, chrome


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